Shalimar Game Today Result Savera| Gali| Ghaziabad| 2019 Chart

Shalimar game is a famous type of Satta, We update the result of Shalimar game every day. Previous or yesterday results and 2019 chart is also available. People in India are highly interested in this game.

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It was also known as Ghaziabad game because it is played on the broad level in Ghaziabad. We also provide Jantri. I hope this website and updates will be helpful for you. Must visit our site daily to keep up to date.

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The primary purpose of our site is to Publish the live result of Shalimar, Ghaziabad, Disawar, Gali and Shalimar Savera game as fast as possible. We update these results daily.
Indian people also search in Hindi terms like:

  1. Aaj ka number
  2. Aane Wala number
  3. Aaj Ki Khabar
  4. Aaj ka result



Role of Jantri is also essential because it helps a lot in the prediction of next results. People are highly interested in guessing numbers, so Jantri is helpful.

What is Shalimar game?
Shalimar game is a type of lottery, people buy different numbers and then after a certain kind of calculation the agency declare winning numbers, so people who purchase winning numbers receive the prize.

Result Timing:shalimar game

  • Shalimar Savera: 02.30 pm
  • Shalimar: 06:15 pm
  • Ghaziabad: 08:15 pm
  • Gali: 11.15 pm
  • Desawar: 05.05 am

Note:All times are following to the local time of India. Because most people who participate in this game are Hindi speaking.

Shalimar game Chart:

Result charts of previous months and years are also available on this site in the form of a list.
2019, 2018 and 2017 to 2010 result charts are provided in the managed form. You can also check the daily, weekly, monthly chart and yearly chart.

Role of a previous or old result:
Previous result list also helps in guessing new results.
Few people check old dates and generate new numbers with the help of them.
Shri Ganesh is a big name in this industry.
Few people also search this as “Kal ka number” or “Kal ki report.”

Black Satta:
Shalimar game is not a part of black Satta or king Satta. It is an independent agency and works on the pattern of a lottery. It is also not a part of Matka.

Is Shalimar Legal?
It is legal in individual states of India. So you are not able to play in other cities. You can play only in allowed areas.

Can we play Shalimar game online?
No, you cannot play it online because of restrictions only way to participate in this game is if you live in a state which is allowed by the local government.

Leak number:

There is no reality in leak number.
Because people can only predict numbers, no one can explain the confirmation number. So leak number is just a fraud.

Lucky number:
Maybe your lucky number can help to win this game. Few experts on Facebook and youtube can explain it better. There are many channels you can subscribe on youtube to follow lucky number hints.
Jodi is also helpful, and experts make instrumental Jodi with the help of an old chart.

It is played at a significant level in Ghaziabad, Faridabad, UP, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi.


No one knows about the actual history of this game.
But It actually started from Uttar Pradesh areas like Ghaziabad and few others. But now it is on almost every state of India.

Gali chart or number:
Gali is also a specific type of this game. We display live Gali result in the front of this page. The table is also available.

Desawar 2019:

It is also a specific type of this game. Desawar results are also available on the front of this site.
Desawar is a famous game so most people interested in this as compared to others. We also publish Desawar chart.

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Shalimar Savera 2019:
Every day Shalimar Savera game is played first, and its timing is 02.15 pm. It is less famous as compare to Gali and Desawar.

You can contact us at this page in case of any issue or emergency.